Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dragon Quest IX

The thing I like most about Dragon Quest is the ability to rotate the camera to reveal a 3-dimensional environment. Unlike Pokémon Heart Gold or Soul Silver, you are able to see what is ahead and behind you without having to walk there to be disappointed by a wall or patch of land that you were hoping contained a chest. I realise in Dragon Quest IX they have only allowed a faction of the movement that they did  in the previous instalments of the game on Nintendo DS. I can only perceive this as they knew people were getting lost because of being able to have the camera at any angle. 

Dragon Quest is a relatively new game to me and I am going to be honest, I don't really quite understand what I'm doing. I have really only been following the main story and doing quirky side quests, one of which was to perform a series of 'moves' to hype someone up in a church so that she can prayer effectively. I'm glad of this because unlike some RPG games, the side quests are actually side quests instead of being like a separate game. You don't have to do a lot of travelling to complete them. I'll have to probably delve deeper into the workings of the game to familiarize myself a bit more with it. But all in all I think it is a very good game and I would recommend it to everyone who owns a DS. It's a game that it worth spending a lot of time on. 

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